TASSA Member

Sentry Global Ltd are members of TASSA

The Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association (TASSA) has been formed from Tracking, Security industry manufacturers and traders who are at the forefront of solutions for vehicle crime prevention.

In 2016 Thatcham announced that from 31st December 2018 it will no longer accredit Aftermarket Alarms, Immobilisers and Opportunist Theft Deterrents, in addition, those tracking systems meeting Thatcham categories 5, 6, 7 no longer receiving certification from December 2018. TASSA gave a collective industry voice to ask insurers that aftermarket certification be retained by the Thatcham. 

For many businesses and vehicle owners it is important that standards ensure the reliability and effectiveness of products are maintained, and whilst Thatcham will continue to do this  for some products, and vehicle manufacturers original equipment, the remainder of aftermarket security products will be unregulated. The new TASSA trade body will provide the confidence to businesses and the consumer by providing regulation and standards for its members and their products. Supporting current standards, such as those recognised by the insurance industry, and developing new standards to meet the needs of the wider community and changes in technology.