Smart-Tag Instruction Video

Smart-Tag it!     Recover it!


Subscription cost per year per asset from £1.00


Sentry have developed its Smart-Tag security system to provide customers with unique QR registration for asset recovery via Antitamper Tags & personalised Portal. The Smart-Tag can be bonded to the asset, in either a prominent or discrete location.

Your unique QR code can then be scanned & this takes you via URL to the Register or Login page within the Sentry Portal. If you are a new customer, you can Register first or Login as an existing customer to add further assets

Within the Portal you can then add your asset information together with photo images

You can also add associated assets as there are 10 QR Tags in each pack all with the same QR identity code unique to you. An example of an associated asset can be the drill carrycase if the primary asset is an electric drill. Another example would be a TV as the Primary Asset with the Video Player, Satellite Box & Hifi as the associated assets. We are not rigid as to what you use as associated assets. You have the Tags, use them!

All information is stored securely in our Cloud Based Portal and not shared outside the Sentry Team. You can access the Portal worldwide via the internet App by use of a PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, etc

The Sentry Portal can be used for identity & proof of ownership of all your registered assets, particularly useful during insurance claims etc

If one of your assets gets lost or stolen, the registered owner can record this within the Portal. We always recommend that any lost or stolen assets are reported to the police immediately.

When the Asset is found or located, the finder can scan the QR code on your asset which opens a direct link to our message centre where they can send the Sentry Team a message to inform of its whereabouts. ie; ‘We have found your asset & it is at the Police Station at Log Lane & ask for PC1234’. The Sentry Team then informs the owner of the information received. This approach keeps you the Customer informed without the release of any of your details.

Smart-Tags can be purchased through our distributor network. Please contact us for further information.

Please note that the initial Smart-Tag purchase includes a trial period of free subscription on the Portal. Renewal is charged annually at £1 per asset registered

Smart-Tags are also available as etched Stainless Steel by advance order. Each Smart-Tag can be bonded on by use of the self-adhesive strip & screw or rivet fixed